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 At Comprehensive Spine & Pain, our Medical Director, Dr. V. K. Puppala, M.D., uses proven and effective medical advances to help get your life back by identifying the true, underlying cause of your orthopedic pain, without the cost and down-time of surgery.

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  • Bill DeBlasio

New York Mayor bringing suit against big pharmaceutical as a proponent of opioid crisis

We hear about it every day. Another death caused by overdose. Its terrible and should not be happening. Specifically, deaths caused by overdosing on opioids and pain medication taken in excess. Is it the street level dealers in that are killing people by selling these drugs or is the problem with the companies that are behind the scenes pushing this medication on a corporate level? Mayor Bill de Blasio seems to think it’s the latter. His argument being that big pharma is pushing the drugs and creating increasing demand for higher dosages and quantities. They are legally pushing the drugs that are making people addicted, sick, and sometimes killing them. Reported by the New York Times, there are many states choosing [...]

Our 5/5/5 and 9/9/9 Pain Plan Pledges

Our 5/5/5 and 9/9/9 Pain Plan Pledges At Comprehensive Spine and Pain, we offer two ongoing pledges to our valued patients from Dr. V. K. Puppala, who is double board certified in pain management as well as anesthesiology. With his extensive experience and over a decade of expertise in treating virtually every kind of pain, he has created two interconnected Pain Plan Pledges: First, we aim for at least 50% relief of 50% of the pain within 5 months of diagnosing and confirming a patient's source of pain. Second, with continuing consultations, treatments, and compassionate care, we aim for at least 90% relief of 90% pain within 9 months. Both of these Pain Plan Pledges are accomplished through focusing [...]

Finding relief after others could not relieve your pain

Finding relief after others could not relieve your pain Have you consulted another pain specialist but have not yet received relief from your chronic or acute pain, even though you’ve had an epidural steroid injection? Are you frustrated that you may have to live with the pain for an indeterminable length of time? Are you giving up hope that you can someday return to an active lifestyle? Experience what a board-certified pain management physician can make In this world of specialization, “pain management” has become a medical specialty. While most primary care physicians can treat some types of pain, they are not experienced or trained in how to treat a wide variety of pain correctly. Fortunately, Dr. V. [...]


I was awake during my procedure and am now pain free. If I ever need help with back pain again I will return to Dr. Puppala.

Gary, October 2016

I came in with A LOT of pain – around a 9 – and Dr. Puppala suggested we go ahead with an epidural. Within minutes my pain was down to 0, which had not happened in a very, very long time! Thank you Dr. Puppala and staff for taking great care of me!

Gail, April 2017

I, Theresa R, was in so much pain, but after the procedure my pain isn’t there. I was a little nervous, but I didn’t feel any pain when Dr. Vin was doing the procedure. Thanks for everything I felt so comfortable and the pleasant feelings with the staff. I recommend everyone to come here. Thanks again.

Theresa R., May 2017