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  • Local activites that can help manage chronic pain Villa Rica

Events in Villa Rica that could help manage pain

There are some local events in and around Villa Rica that can help you manage your pain with the support of others. Just this month, for example, there are a  few different events that you can attend in order to gain support from other people right here in Villa Rica. Doing things with others is a one of a kind way to stay motivated, stay healthy, and reduce your pain through exercise and activity. Villa Rica is a lively place for events going on all the time. Here are a few upcoming social events around town: Thursday evening walk at Hunter Park, Douglasville, GA Walking for fitness, fun, and pain relief. We all know that the sedentary lifestyle many [...]

  • Can ketosis reduce inflammation and manage chronic pain?

Keto and the Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Pain Management

A vast majority of people who you hear talk about the "keto diet" are using it to lose weight. It is believed that a diet high in fats and low in carbs will put your body into "Ketosis," meaning that it will feed on fats to create energy rather than feeding on carbohydrates like those found in bread and fruits. Aside from the weight loss potential that can come with the keto diet, many articles recently have noted the potential for this kind of metabolic shift to reduce inflammation. Inflammation, as we're sure you know, is one of the main causes of pain, both chronic and acute. Reduction in inflammation naturally sounds great, doesn't it?! Well, research is beginning [...]

  • Opioids for pain management. How do they work? What are the risks?

What are opioids? How do they treat pain?

What are opioids? There are varying degrees of power between the different pain management drugs and techniques we use. They all have their own individual pros and cons. One of the most infamous of all pain management drugs in the United States is opioids. They are in the news quite often and are known to be addictive which can lead to issues. Here is some information about opioids, the different types, and how they can be aimed at reducing pain the right way. How do opioids work? Just like many of the other pain management methods, opioids are aimed at blocking and reducing pain signals to the brain. Some of the most common forms of opioids prescribed include: Fentanyl Vicodin [...]


I was awake during my procedure and am now pain free. If I ever need help with back pain again I will return to Dr. Puppala.

Gary, October 2016

I came in with A LOT of pain – around a 9 – and Dr. Puppala suggested we go ahead with an epidural. Within minutes my pain was down to 0, which had not happened in a very, very long time! Thank you Dr. Puppala and staff for taking great care of me!

Gail, April 2017

I, Theresa R, was in so much pain, but after the procedure my pain isn’t there. I was a little nervous, but I didn’t feel any pain when Dr. Vin was doing the procedure. Thanks for everything I felt so comfortable and the pleasant feelings with the staff. I recommend everyone to come here. Thanks again.

Theresa R., May 2017