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  • positive outlook to cope with chronic pain

Coping With Chronic Pain: Keeping a Healthy Attitude

There are many ways to treat chronic pain symptoms in patients of ours. Aside from treatments, though, there are ways you can help improve your peace of mind and feelings about pain on your own. One of the simplest ways to do so is to keep a healthy attitude about pain. Believe it or not, this has been shown to actually reduce the feelings of pain in some patients. Here is a quick bit of information on how you can begin prepping yourself and training your mind to better deal with pain. How does your attitude affect your health? Having a positive attitude is good for your health. Positive attitude . can protect you against poor health later on in life and [...]

What is Chronic Pain?

We all (after the age of 20 or so) experience the occasional aches and pains that come along with aging. Also known as acute pains, these pains are important for warning us of an injury or possible future injury that needs to be addressed. These pain signals travel up the spinal cord and into the brain, triggering the feeling of pain. Chronic pain, on the other hand, is something different. Chronic Pain is a pain that continues to be transmitted to the brain even after an injury heals. It can last weeks, years, or a lifetime. It can limit your range of motion, mobility, and reduce flexibility and strength over a long period of time, often making it difficult to carry on with daily activities. [...]

  • curbside medtalk screenshot from vide o

Curbside Medtalk w/ Dwight Peebles

Welcome to Curbside Medtalk The goal here is providing viewers with high-level medical topics and discussions with medical experts on a casual level. Physicians are always asked medical advice that have nothing to do with their specialty. this is referred to as "curbside appointments." So this episode is one dedicated to that idea. Except instead of getting information from just one specialist, we have several who can give advice from many different specialties and points of view. The goal with this kind of series is to just show you the human side of the doctors you deal with on a regular basis. They can be de-humanized by patients and their families at times. It important to see them as humans [...]


I was awake during my procedure and am now pain free.
If I ever need help with back pain again I will return to Dr. Puppala.

Gary, October 2016

I came in with A LOT of pain – around a 9 – and Dr. Puppala suggested we go ahead with an epidural. Within minutes my pain was down to 0, which had not happened in a very, very long time! Thank you Dr. Puppala and staff for taking great care of me!

Gail, April 2017

I, Theresa R, was in so much pain, but after the procedure my pain isn’t there. I was a little nervous, but I didn’t feel any pain when Dr. Vin was doing the procedure. Thanks for everything I felt so comfortable and the pleasant feelings with the staff. I recommend everyone to come here.

Theresa R., May 2017