When you’re in pain (chronic or acute) it can be hard to have the motivation to get outside and get moving. Movement important for you when you’re in pain. The body only regenerate cells and heals itself as much as you need it to. That means as much as it thinks you need it to base on your habits.

You should be active but shouldn’t overdo it either. It can definitely be a tricky proposition, but a mastery of the balance can leave you happy and pain-free. Worth the work, right?

Here are two simple exercises that we recommend for staying active and staying pain-free throughout the spring, summer, and beyond.

man bycicling through town


Bicycling tends to give your spine a lot less stress than some of the other forms of aerobic exercise like jogging or “aerobics.” The stationary bicycle or spin bike can be especially stress-free on the spine for longer periods of time.

Keeping your exercise low impact for getting rid of lower back pain if that is your goal.

Keep in mind (as with any aerobics) that you should be able to tolerate the pains you are feeling. If something feels overly painful you should stop. Don’t push it. There is a difference between some light resistance from the body and a full-on painful experience.

Results come gradually. Don’t expect to jump right back into it like you had a bookmark there.

Take it slow. You will get to where you need to go slow and steady. Tons of young people injure themselves by going overboard at the gym. Don’t become one of them!

Try to hit that therapeutic window where you are feeling good and strong, but don’t feel like you are causing yourself pain.

Stationary Bikes

When recovering from an injury the stationary bike is a great way to get back into shape. If you were wearing a boot after a foot injury this will help you nurse back to health and strengthen your legs and feet.

Start off slow with low resistance. Over time, you will get right back to where you were at.

Spin Bikes and Classes

Be cautious with spin classes. They are high intensity and require a lot of standing up while you bike. Start off slow with a stationary bike or biking outside on nice, flat terrain. When you feel like that is easy for you, move onto the spin classes that you like.

Even when getting back into spin, don’t feel pressures to do the class 100%. It’s all about you.

Listen to your body.

meditation and deep breathing exercises

Meditation and deep breathing

You might not really think of this one as an “activity,” but meditation and deep breathing exercises are known to assist in pain management. Aside from just the physical benefits of seated meditation, yoga, and the like, you can receive some serious mental benefits too.

“Mind over matter” is real and can help you get through daily life with chronic pain.

If you are good willed and in good spirits, you will feel better in every conceivable way. Take that time to spend a moment or two with yourself… just thinking.


You can overcome pain and you have options in how to do it. Keep your spirits high, get active, and get healthy. Your body and mind will thank you.

If you feel your chronic pain is too severe to overcome with these methods, talk to us. We can go over what you are feeling and ways your pain can be treated clinically if needed.