Phantom Limb Pain and Treatment


What is Phantom Limb Pain? By definition, phantom limb pain is pain felt in a body part that is no longer there. It was once believed to be a mental health issue, but experts in pain management now see these as real pain sensations coming from the spinal chord and brain. It can be experienced by those who have [...]

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Keto an Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Pain Management


A vast majority of people who you hear talk about the "keto diet" are using it to lose weight. It is believed that a diet high in fats and low in carbs will put your body into "Ketosis," meaning that it will feed on fats to create energy rather than feeding on carbohydrates like [...]

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What are opioids? How do they treat pain?


What are opioids? There are varying degrees of power between the different pain management drugs and techniques we use. They all have their own individual pros and cons. One of the most infamous of all pain management drugs in the United States is opioids. They are in the news quite often and are known to [...]

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Chronic Pain Management Techniques: Pain Shots


When in severe chronic pain, medications taken orally are sometimes not enough to curb the pain that our patients feel. In these situations, we often suggest pain injections to treat chronic pain. When we talk about pain shots or pain injections, we are referring to a process where pain medicine is injected directly into where [...]

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Losing weight while dealing with chronic pain


Surgeries can cause you to lose mobility for a long period of time while you recover. While the body is immobilized, it is easy to gain weight. We don’t realize how much we move until we can’t. It can be excruciating physically as well as mentally to lose that freedom. Lack of movement can lead [...]

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