Now Open in Sandy Springs, Georgia


New Location Opening in Sandy Springs, Georgia   New pain management office in sandy springs, GA Comprehensive Spine & Pain - Sandy Springs Grand Opening Join us on July 9th to enjoy the rooftop of @botanico_atl in celebration of our new Atlanta/Sandy Springs location. Our team is happy to collaborate with our fellow health Metro [...]

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What do pain management doctors do?


As we work and deal with clients, we notice this question coming up a lot with new people coming in for their initial interviews and consultations. Aren’t all doctors pain management doctors? Don’t all doctors, in one way or another, stop you from experiencing pain? Yes and no. as pain management specialists, we aren’t always [...]

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Healthy diet for Radiculitis pain


Radiculitis is a term used for enflamed, irritated, or pinched nerves that cause pain in the body. Many different parts of the body experience Radiculitis and it can be quite painful. A healthy diet for radiculitis pain will help the body to repair the nerves and stop further inflammation and damage. Here we are [...]

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14 Foods Great for Fighting Chronic Pain


Chronic pain plagues the lives of millions of people around the world every day. Joint pains and back pains that make day to day life harder. Providers like Doctor Puppala at Comprehensive Spine & Pain are able to treat pain in many ways once it gets out of hand. Before that happens, though, there [...]

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4 Lower Back Pain Relief Tips for Work or Home


Comprehensive Spine & Pain is a premier provider of pain relief in the Atlanta, GA area. So many of our patients complain of lower back pain to the point where they are unable to live daily life normally. Though we offer many different treatments and techniques to relieve pain in this area, there are [...]

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