Could your headache pain be a sign of a more serious problem?

Do you suffer from recurring headache pain? Having a headache once in a while is a normal part of life for most people. Chronic headache pain is something your doctor can talk to you about.
Taking aspirin or other painkillers for headache pain is fine as a short-term solution. If you are having symptoms for long periods of time, talk to a doctor.

Common Types of Recurring Headaches

Recurring headache pain can be due to common causes. You can treat headaches with over-the-counter drugs. If they recur often enough, you can seek help from pain management doctors. Doctors can aid in diagnosing the root cause of your pain and treating it.
Tension can make your head hurt. Learning relaxation techniques can often help ease this type of pain. Migraines or cluster headaches are recurring types of headache pain. Over-the-counter, and/or prescription medications can assist. Prescriptions require the help of a management physician.
Sinus headaches normally hurt the areas around your eyebrows and your nose. These are generally the least serious forms of headache.

You can also experience head pain when you have a cold or the flu. Eyestrain can give you a headache, too, perhaps signaling a visit to the eye doctor for a new eyeglass prescription. In rare cases, chronic, painful headaches are warning signs of tumors in the brain tissue.

Signs of Danger

Headache pain can be symptomatic of serious issues in your body. They could call for emergency help. When blood flow to the brain stops, a stroke can occur, causing terrible headaches and leading to physical or mental impairments or death. A brain aneurysm is a blood vessel that has become weak and breaks open, bleeding into the brain. A brain hemorrhage can cause a headache, also. These are all life-threatening headache symptoms that require immediate attention.

If you have a headache and your blood pressure is very high, you should be checked by a medical professional. Other causes of chronic headaches include brain tumors, fluid inside the skull that swells the brain, carbon monoxide poisoning or a brain abscess.

How To Know When To Get Help

If you’ve never had headache pain before and the pain you’re experiencing is interfering with your daily activities, you should call a doctor. You may be referred to an Atlanta area practice specializing in pain management.

If your head hurts after strenuous exercises, such as jogging or weightlifting, seek professional help.

Headache pain that occurs without warning, is more painful than ever before and/or worsens over 24 hours’ time, requires a visit to a doctor.

Atlanta Pain Specialists for a chronic headache

Though taking pain pills, using a hot or cold compress on the forehead and other techniques may help patients with recurring headaches, chronic pain should not be ignored. If you suffer from chronic pain, you should explore the medical options provided by Dr. V. K. Puppala, an M.D. offering pain management solutions to diagnose and treat patients in the Atlanta area.

Dr. V. K. Puppala, M.D., is a double board-certified anesthesiology pain specialist located in Villa Rica, GA, also serving patients in surrounding areas such as Carrollton, Union City, Douglasville, Dallas, Lithia Springs, Fairburn, Powder Springs, Smyrna, Marietta, and Peachtree City.