Finding relief after others could not relieve your pain

  • Have you consulted another pain specialist but have not yet received relief from your chronic or acute pain, even though you’ve had an epidural steroid injection?
  • Are you frustrated that you may have to live with the pain for an indeterminable length of time?
  • Are you giving up hope that you can someday return to an active lifestyle?

Experience what a board-certified pain management physician can make
In this world of specialization, “pain management” has become a medical specialty. While most primary care physicians can treat some types of pain, they are not experienced or trained in how to treat a wide variety of pain correctly.

Fortunately, Dr. V. K. Puppala:

  • Is board certified in pain management and anesthesiology
  • Has been focused on pain management since receiving his medical degree from the Washington University School of Medicine, a nationally top-ranked institution
  • Conducted nerve-related research through the National Institute of Health under the mentorship of the Chief of Plastic Surgery
  • Experienced additional sub-specialization in anesthesiology at Illinois Masonic Medical Center and completed his fellowship
  • Has expanded his pain management practice in the West Atlanta for the past decade, helping to relief the pain of hundreds of patients
  • Offers second opinions to anyone who has not received the relief they need
  • Takes the time to understand your particular issues, find the correct diagnosis, and offer the most appropriate treatment plan for you
    Is an expert in spinal cord stimulation –– the #1 procedure that has set Dr. Puppala apart from his competition.
    Spinal cord stimulation is a highly specialized pain management procedure that is just part of a multi-modal approach of implementing a variety of effective techniques.

If you’ve been seen by another physician and are still experiencing pain, contact Dr. Puppala today or call 770-MAP-PAIN.