Surgeries can cause you to lose mobility for a long period of time while you recover. While the body is immobilized, it is easy to gain weight. We don’t realize how much we move until we can’t. It can be excruciating physically as well as mentally to lose that freedom.

Lack of movement can lead to pain happening. The body only regenerates at the rate that it feels is needing to keep you doing what you are doing, so when you do nothing, your body does not feel the need to make itself stronger.

Losing weight after your recovery can be a challenge. You may have chronic pain that makes moving to the same extent more difficult. Here are some recommendations for ways that you can lose weight while dealing with chronic pain.

Try water aerobics and water exercise first

When you are in pain, it can be very hard to do any kind of exercise without feeling the pain. Water aerobics and water activities in general can be the easiest on your body. They are very low-impact exercises that can still get you moving. The water will support you and make movement easier and your body feel lighter.

If you are having issues at the gym or when trying to hike, try it out. It could put you in the shape you need for getting back into those other dry-land exercises.

The elliptical is less intense than running

If you are feeling ready to get back into running and other cardio types of activities, try out the elliptical. You can get a great workout in without the stress on the joints that running produces. It is an easier, low-impact alternative.

Little by little is the best approach

Go slowly back into it. If you were an experienced athlete or weightlifter before your injury, you may be excited to get right back into the swing of things. Go slow, work your way back to where you were before. Sudden movement and pain/injury do not mix, so let your body dictate what you can do.

Count your calories, too

Regardless of the amount of exercise you do, counting calories and dieting are still important. Being overweight can make it more painful to get any kind of activity done. Losing a little bit of weight by dieting can help you get back into exercising without feeling the pain. A lightweight body moves more freely.

Watch what you eat and try to avoid processed foods, dairy, etc.

Do not attempt to starve yourself to lose weight. Try not to go below 1000-1200 calories. You will end up slowing your metabolism, making weight loss even harder.