At Comprehensive Spine and Pain, we offer two ongoing pledges to our valued patients from Dr. VK Puppala, who is double board certified in pain management as well as anesthesiology.

With his extensive experience and over a decade of expertise in treating virtually every kind of pain, he has created two interconnected Pain Plan Pledges:

  • First, we aim for at least 50% relief of 50% of the pain within 5 months of diagnosing and confirming a patient’s source of pain.
  • Second, with continuing consultations, treatments, and compassionate care, we aim for at least 90% relief of 90% pain within 9 months.

Both of these Pain Plan Pledges are accomplished through focusing on a correct diagnosis as the top priority for patients who may be suffering from a variety of conditions, then creating a personalized treatment plan for each individual.

Dr. Puppala continually strives to integrate prevention in all of his treatment options to alleviate potential future difficulties. He does this by combining state-of-the-art techniques and technologies that can successfully identify the patient’s “true-source” of pain, then provide the appropriate, proven treatment.

These treatment options include a myriad of minimally invasive options, depending on the pain a patient is experiencing. These can range from spinal cord stimulation and radiofrequency ablation to epidural steroid injections, nerve root blocks, spinal injections, and more.

Read These Patient Testimonials

“Before I received my injections my pain was constant and I was hurting a lot. Once I got the injections the pain gradually went away… I didn’t feel anything when the injections were being given to me, if I was to need the injections again in the future I would get them ASAP no questions asked, they’re that amazing!” – April 11, 2017 on
“I had severe back pain for 3 months. Dr. P took me through a 5-minute procedure, very painless. Before the shots I was at a 7 out of 10 in pain. Now I don’t feel any pain at all. I am able to pick up my two-year-old son with no problem. My pain level is at 0. Thank you!!!” – April 11, 2017 on

“Came in with lower back & neck pain. Had a very difficult time with driving or even walking without severe pain. During the procedure the only ‘pain’ was the shot to numb the two areas of the epidural. I felt instant relief. No weird side effects or pains. So far, so good, and it was done very quickly with no down time. I feel great.” – April 2, 2017 on

Dr. V.K. Puppala have helped 30,000 patients return to a pain-free lifestyle, so contact us today to see how we can help you with our 5/5/5 and 9/9/9 Pain Plan Pledges, or call 770-MAP-PAIN.