Pain Management 
Villa Rica, GA

Pain Management Villa Rica, GA

Pain affects the lives of millions of people in the US every year. From back pain, to neck pain, sciatica, whiplash, and more, the issues with pain are virtually never ending. Whether you feel you need facet injections, non-surgical intervention, or spinal cord stimulation, we can help you. Dr. Puppala and his staff have the skills and knowledge necessary to help you feel pain-free and happy for the long term.

Dr. V.K. Puppala knows how important it is for patients to be able to go through their daily lives and work free from pain. Dr. Puppala is board certified in pain management treatment. Every patient is different, and the way they need to be treated for pain can vary. Dr. Puppala knows how to find the right combination of treatment to help treat pain and keep you healthy for a long time to come.

Facet Injections Villa Rica, GA

Facet joints in the spine experience pain due to arthritis, back injury, or mechanical stress on the back. The lumbar facet joint injection involves a small about of anesthetic or steroid medication being injected into these areas of the spine. The pain relief helps patients tolerate physical therapy without feeling as much back pain. They are better able to rehabilitate themselves this way, without feeling as much of the pain.

Dr. Puppala specializes in spinal injections with the goal of better pain location and pain relief. Villa Rica, GA facet injections are available in the area through Dr. V.K. Puppala and staff. Pain management injections are minimally invasive and can provide amazing relief from back pain.

Non-Surgical Orthopedic Intervention Villa Rica, GA

Pain management options for intervention go beyond surgical measures. Dr. Puppala in Villa Rica, GA can treat pain non-surgically. Acute pain is often treated by

Options like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and anesthetics have opened u the options for acute pain management and control. These options can also cause less side effects than surgical options might.

Spinal Cord Stimulation Villa Rica, GA

Spinal cord Stimulation (SCS) is a relatively new treatment used for alleviating chronic pain in the back, arms, and legs without the need for medications or surgery. Spinal cord stimulation Villa Rica involves implanting of a flexible wire and a small device used for programming the stimulator. It delivers electrical energy in patterns that can change the perception of your pain from sharp and distinct into benign and slight tingling sensations.

Different programs can be activated wirelessly using a small remote control.

Spinal cord stimulation is only considered by Dr. Puppala after more conservative measures like injections and medications have not been effective at managing pain. It is used to treat pain conditions that can develop after spinal surgery.

Radiofrequency Ablation Villa Rica, GA

Radiofrequency Ablation is a procedure using electric currents produced using radio waves. It is used for arthritis, back, neck, and joint pain. The currents heat up nerves in pain for around a minute. It is used to treat and reduce pain. The pain signals in the nerves are decreased due to the radio waves and heat.

Generally, RFA is used to treat patients experiencing chronic lower back and neck pain. This pain can be caused by degeneration of joint tissue in relation to arthritis.

Epidural Injections Villa Rica, GA

If you are experiencing high amounts of lower back and leg pain, Epidural steroid injections (ESLs) are a common treatment method. The goal in Villa Rica with Dr. Puppala is pain relief. Epidural injections alone can be enough to stop pain, but not always. They are often used in combination with a rehab program that will provide additional benefits.

Benefits of pain in injections like EIDs are temporary. They will provide you with relief from pain for an average of a week to a year.

Lower Back Pain Villa Rica, GA

Back pain is the most common form of pain experienced by our pain management clinic in Villa Rica, GA.  Dr. Puppala specializes in treating back pain and lower back pain with minimally invasive procedures and injections.

Neck Pain Villa Rica, GA

Neck pain is a debilitating pain to have and can be treated effectively and efficiently with a variety of the services we offer at Comprehensive Spine & Pain.

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