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Attorney Referrals

Attorney Referrals in Villa Rica, Lithia Springs, Carrolton, and Powder Springs

Comprehensive Spine & Pain Center has attorneys in our network that are able to offer you help in fighting a case against the cause of your injury. Don’t take on the insurance company of the other party alone! Having a good team on your site can help you double, triple, or quadruple the payout that you receive from the insurance companies.

Allow us to help you find the attorneys you need to help you get the money you deserve for your injuries and pain.

Collaboration Between Doctors and Attorneys

We are able to supply every small detail needed by our in-network attorneys to help you win your case. We offer exclusive attorney referrals to attorneys we have had success with in the past to know you have the best odds of winning your case.

Not only that, but we will fully collaborate with your team of lawyers to help them uncover details that could help you in your trial. We are willing to work with your attorney by supplying depositions, medical forms, correspondence, and references as needed by them to help aid you in winning the case.

Our program offers the benefit of experienced, licensed professionals who take pride in providing benefits to people in their community; helping them win cases against insurance companies who would otherwise be paying out bottom dollar.

How can attorneys help me get more money from my insurance claim?

You have the option of pursuing compensation for your injuries on your own, but generally, you will see a better result using an attorney. An attorney assigned to your accident case can ensure that your rights remain protected. They can keep the insurance company from taking advantage of your lack of insurance law, which they don’t make easy to understand. You are often entitled to far more than what they will offer you as a settlement.

Comprehensive Spine & Pain Centers collaborate with local area attorneys in Villa Rica, Douglass County, Carroll County, and many other areas in West Georgia. We have a deep network of qualified attorneys who have experience winning accident cases throughout the state and even inter-state cases.

The attorneys we recommend know accident cases, specialize in them and can help you be fully compensated for your losses. From the inability to work to your discomfort, mental suffering, and medical bills, we can help you win fair compensation.

Accident Trials vs. Settlements

You don’t have to necessarily go to trial to win more than what the insurance company initially offered you for your losses. Quite often, legal pressure from your attorney will cause them to settle for a higher amount than they initially intended. The teams these companies use for their cases are quite expensive. Many times, it is more beneficial for them to give you what you want than it is for them to go to trial with you just to potentially lose.

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How does the process work?

When Comprehensive Spine & Pain Centers of Villa Rica initially review your medical case, we are able to recommend counsel for all of our clients. If you are planning to take legal action for the personal injuries that you have sustained, we contact our network of attorneys and explain the case to them with a high level of detail. It is this collaboration between your doctor and your lawyer that help paint a full picture for the purposes of the case to help you win adequate compensation.

After this first step of laying out all of the details for your legal team, we fully cooperate with your attorney(s) to include any of the forms, referrals, history, treatments, recommendations, medical status, or anything else they need to strengthen your case. We work as a team with our in-network attorneys and ensure you have the best chances possible of being compensated.

You don’t deserve to pay for an accident, especially when nothing was your fault. You should be compensated for your injury and we make it our mission to make sure that happens.

Contact Comprehensive Spine & Pain Centers of Villa Rica if you have any questions about our attorney referral program, how it works, and how we can help you get started.

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