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Auto Accidents

Finding Effective Pain Management After a Car Accident in Villa Rica, Lithia Springs, Carrolton, and Powder Springs

Traveling by way of your car or SUV is something most of us take for granted. we do it every day. It is nothing special. Most people use their car several times a day, traveling from home to work and then back home again at the very least. A car accident can happen to anyone, regardless of your skill and safety personally as a driver. The more often you are out driving, the more likely it is to happen at some point.

When car accidents happen, it often causes injury to soft tissue, bones, and muscle alike. Many of these are temporary and heal regularly with little medical assistance. Some of these injuries, however, can result in chronic pain.

Pain management after a car accident can be an integral part of a healthy and permanent long-term recovery process.

Pain management experts at Comprehensive Spine & Pain are experienced in treating those suffering from pain related to car accidents. We welcome all types of patients. You can review the types of insurance that we accept here.

Our experienced doctors and medical staff are able to help you relieve your pain and return to your normal daily activities as fast as possible.

If you’ve been in a car accident, have recovered, but are still feeling pain, get in touch with us. We have doctors and medical professionals here to help you identify the problem and treat it effectively to get back to your daily life, pain-free.

See a Physician Regardless of Pain

Sometimes you feel pain as soon as you make an impact with another vehicle. these cases are straightforward and you know what you need to do right away. Sometimes, though, the pain isn’t immediately apparent. There could be many issues that happen slowly and in relative secrecy. Your best bet for remaining healthy and pain-free is to see a doctor. Whether or not you are feeling pain now, they could unmask issues that need attention to avoid pain and suffering in the long term.

When you are injured in a car accident, you are often entitled to personal injury protection (PIP) from your or the other party’s auto insurance company. Take advantage of this while the offer is available.

Common Pain Treatment Options After A Car Accident

If you are experiencing pain due to soft tissue injury or whiplash from a car accident, there are ways that you can help yourself reduce the pain without the need of a medical professional, though they should always be part of the process so that they can make the right recommendations. Here are a few of the common ways that patients treat pain at home after a car accident.


Icing an injury can help to reduce swelling as well as pain that can arise in the muscle groups affected by the accident. Ligaments and tendons can also benefit from a little bit of cold energy to keep swelling down and reduce pain.


A back brace, knee brace, neck brace, or any other (depending on the area) can be helpful for reducing pain and not making injuries worse. Often, the body needs to remain immobilized to heal correctly. If the injury is on the moving part of a body and not immobilized, there is a chance it could heal incorrectly and cause pain issues that last for life. Even though you are immobilizing the area during part of the healing process, it will help ensure proper movement long term. It’s worth it.


Medication is a powerful and effective way to reduce pain directly as well as stop it from happening in the future. Whether it be anti-inflammatories to fight infection, muscle relaxants to reduce tightness, or painkillers to directly treat pain, they all have their purpose and use for patients depending on their needs.

Chiropractic Treatment

The most common injury in a car accident is to the neck. Whiplash can cause your head to whip back and forth so fast that the spinal bones in the neck, as well as the muscles, could be sprained or injured. Qualified Chiropractors in the area specialize in helping these bones to heal through gentle therapy and manual straightening over time. They could help you realign your spine and encourage the healing process to take place much more quickly.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is important to any major injury healing correctly. Throughout the course of physical therapy treatments, your therapist will help you strengthen your muscles back to a point where you can resume daily activity normally. This is often necessary when you have been wearing a cast or similar immobilizing device for a period of time after your accident.

Massage Therapy

Somewhat similar to Chiropractic, massage is aimed at manually reducing the stress felt in the body over a period of time. The difference is that massage therapy focuses on the muscles rather than the spine.

Epidural Steroid Injections

These injections are aimed at alleviating pain in specific areas of the body. They can help improve the recovery process by treating inflammation that often comes along with injury and pain. Steroid injections can be hyper-targeted to areas of the body that need it, like the back, legs, neck, or arms, without affecting other parts of the body. More information is available on our Epidural Steroid Injections page.

Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)

Patients who suffer from chronic pain due to a car accident could benefit from RFA treatments. This treatment uses electric currents to heat up small areas of nerve tissue to reduce pain signals that come from that area of the body.

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