Dekompressor Discectomy Procedures

Dekompressor Discectomy

Dekompressor Discectomy procedures aim to relieve symptoms of herniated discs in the spine. Conditions can arise when spinal discs that cushion the bones rupture and release the jelly-like substance into the spinal column. When this rupture happens, it can cause pain, and the material that comes from the spinal discs place pressure on the roots of the nerve. Associated effects include traveling pains and general weakness.

A general discectomy is a more invasive, open-back procedure. Dekompressor Discectomy is a minimally invasive alternative that many patients choose before moving into more invasive options. This less-invasive option allows us to perform dekompressor discectomy on an outpatient basis.

If you’re currently suffering from disc issues and live in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Decatur, Marietta, Gwinnett, Riverdale, Lithia Springs, Villa Rica, or their surrounding communities. Our experienced physician, Dr. Puppala, can discuss this and other treatments to fit your current needs.

At Comprehensive Spine & Pain, we believe in servicing our patients and exploring all options related to their symptoms and any underlying issues that are present. We develop treatment plans geared directly to each patient and never use a cookie-cutter approach because every patient’s situation is unique.

How does Dekompressor Discectomy work?

In Dekompressor Discectomy, patients take medication to relax before treatment begins. A local anesthetic numbs the area, as well, before treatment.

Using X-Rays or other methods, the doctor locates the disc(s) being affected and inserts a small needle into the area. Using this hollow needle, a tiny probe is inserted and used to remove areas of the damaged disc that need to come out. Once this is done, the needle is simply removed, and the site of insertion is bandaged.

How long is needed to recover?

Recovery time varies for each patient, but this is performed on an outpatient basis and has no need for us to cut into muscle or bone. Because of this, recovery is less intense than other procedures where the back needs to be opened.

What happens after the procedure?

The body has natural healing processes that allow it to absorb the displaced core of the disc, which is what provides relief from the patient’s symptoms. It can take a range of days from the time of treatment for patients to begin feeling relief.

Dekompressor discectomy treatments in Georgia

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