Phantom Limb Pain and Treatment


What is Phantom Limb Pain? By definition, phantom limb pain is pain felt in a body part that is no longer there. It was once believed to be a mental health issue, but experts in pain management now see these as real pain sensations coming from the spinal chord and brain. It can be experienced by those who have [...]

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Physical Therapy Can Help Manage Pain Non-Surgically


Constant pain is something few people are able to deal with without some kind of help. All we want to do is curl up in bed with Netflix and pain medication. Hitting the gym or going to a session with a personal trainer is usually the last thing on your mind. The problem with relying [...]

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Beginners Fluoroscopy Guide


A Fluoroscopy procedure is an imaging method that uses continuous x-ray images to see real-time moving images of a patient’s internal organs through the use of a fluoroscope. A Fluoroscope is a box or tube that is fitted with a fluorescent material. Fluorescent imaging helps us view certain objects in the body vividly. This is [...]

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