Patient Testimonials

Hear From Some of Our Patients Who Got Their Lives Back With Comprehensive Spine & Pain

“Before I received my injections my pain was constant and I was hurting a lot. Once I got the injections the pain gradually went away… I didn’t feel anything when the injections were being given to me, if I was to need the injections again in the future I would get them ASAP no questions asked, they’re that amazing!”

– April 11, 2017, on

“I had severe back pain for 3 months. Dr. P took me through a 5-minute procedure, very painless. Before the shots I was at a 7 out of 10 in pain. Now I don’t feel any pain at all. I am able to pick up my two-year-old son with no problem. My pain level is at 0. Thank you!!!”

– April 11, 2017, on

“Came in with lower back & neck pain. Had a very difficult time with driving or even walking without severe pain. During the procedure the only ‘pain’ was the shot to numb the two areas of the epidural. I felt instant relief. No weird side effects or pains. So far, so good, and it was done very quickly with no down time. I feel great.”

April 2, 2017, on

At Comprehensive Spine & Pain, We Offer Two Ongoing Pledges to Our Valued Patients:

1) We aim for at least 50% relief of 50% of the pain within 5 months of diagnosing and confirming a patient’s pain source.

2) With continuing treatment, we aim for at least 90% relief of 90% of the pain within 9 months.

Dr. V.K. Puppala, M.D., has helped over 30,000 patients return to a pain-free lifestyle with our 5/5/5 and 9/9/9 Pain Plan Pledges.

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