Treating Wrist Pain

The various intricate and complex movements of the hand rely heavily on unencumbered wrist movement. Not only does wrist pain cause significant discomfort, it can also interfere in many of the activities of daily living. Don’t let wrist pain reduce your quality of life: find the cause and the cure for wrist pain with a qualified pain specialist.

Overuse: a common cause of wrist pain

The most common cause of painful wrists is carpal tunnel syndrome. The “carpal tunnel” is formed by the bones of the wrist, the carpal bones, and fibrous sheets of connective tissue. Major nerves essential for sensation and movement as well as blood vessels pass through the carpal tunnel.

Compression of the carpal tunnel and its contents can cause symptoms such a pain, tingling and decreased hand strength. Swelling is a common cause of carpal tunnel compression and is often caused by overuse from activities such as typing. Carpal tunnel compression can also be a consequence of health conditions or certain types of wrist anatomy that causes compression of the carpal tunnel. As pain in the wrist is one of the early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is important to receive medical attention for pain from carpal tunnel syndrome before irreversible nerve damage develops.

ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled bulge that can form on the back of the wrist, most often after overuse. The sac is an out-pouching from the joint space that is harmless but can be quite painful. Both surgical and non-surgical treatment options are available for ganglion cysts. Treatment of the cyst can alleviate the pain but should be guided by a health professional.

Trauma and long-term wrist pain

Falling on an outstretched hand can lead to a fracture of the wrist bones or the end of the arm bone, known as a distal radius fracture or Colles fracture. Although a Colles fracture is usually quite apparent on x-ray, fractures of the scaphoid and other small wrist bones can sometime go undetected.

Even if detected early but especially when left unnoticed, wrist fractures can lead to pain in the wrists that remain long after the bones have healed. While physical therapy is instrumental in regaining mobility after wrist fracture, damage to the nerves and soft tissues in the wrist can cause wrist pain that requires the help of a pain specialist.

Wrist pain treatments

Wrist pain, from whatever cause, is usually treatable. Treatment options can include oral and injectable medications as well as braces and physical therapy exercises. The particular treatment approach required should be tailored by a medical professional specialized in pain and rehabilitation.

The first step in treating painful wrists is an accurate diagnosis. Turn to Dr. V. K. Puppala, M.D. for a diagnosis you can trust and pain treatments you can rely on. Located in Villa Rica, GA; Dr. Puppala serves patients from throughout the Metro Atlanta area. Don’t let wrist pain linger any longer: contact V. K. Puppala, M.D. today for a pain free tomorrow.