Radiculitis is a term used for enflamed, irritated, or pinched nerves that cause pain in the body. Many different parts of the body experience Radiculitis and it can be quite painful. A healthy diet for radiculitis pain will help the body to repair the nerves and stop further inflammation and damage.

Here we are going to break down for you some lifestyle changes that will promote wellness and reduce pain experienced by Radiculitis.

Medication is available for when pain becomes extreme, but a healthy diet and lifestyle with regular exercise is the best way to prevent Radiculitis in the first place.

Foods good for Radiculitis pain

Fruits and vegetables are important to a healthy diet and can reduce pain

Fresh fruits and vegetables

The number one thing that should be worked into the diet are fresh fruits and veggies. They are an excellent source of fiber, which will help your body and nerves remain healthy.


Protein rich foods will promote wellness and strength. Helping muscles to remain healthy. Muscle and nerve health are closely related.

You can find high protein content in foods like fish, poultry, beans, nuts, mushrooms, chickpeas, and various seeds. If you are not getting enough protein in your diet, it could help reduce your pain.

Phosphorus rich foods

Foods rich in phosphorous help the body to detox and gain strength. Examples of food rich in phosphorous include fresh eggs, nuts, beets, and liver.


Magnesium is good for your energy levels. It will also calm anxiety and nervousness. Where Radiculitis is concerned, magnesium will help relieve muscle aches and spasms.

Magnesium also helps to regulate levels of other nutrients in the body like sodium, calcium, and potassium. Sodium regulation is especially important, as sodium can lead to worsening of nerve disorders and inflammation.

Magnesium rich foods include avocado, cucumber, beans, nuts, and sunflower seeds.


Manganese is an essential vitamin for health of the spine, an area where Radiculitis is often found at its worst. You can find a healthy dose of manganese in foods like banana, onions, chestnuts, and potatoes. Adding these foods to your diet will promote a healthy spine.

Foods that should be cut from your diet

There are foods out there that may taste food, but harm your health and provide no nutritional value. here we will outline a few of the foods that you should cut from your diet if you are experiencing pain.

Salt (Sodium)

the most important nutrient to cut out of your diet is sodium, most commonly found in salt. Sodium is not healthy for the body and excessive amounts of it can lead to joint and bone erosion.

Alcohol and carbonated drinks

Though there are times when a glass of wine is recommended for promoting health, alcohol consumption for the most part should be reduced. Excessive drinking can weaken your immune system, promoting infection, which causes Radiculitis.

If you are on medication for you pain, alcohol can also interfere with your meds. Medication will. not be broken down in the body as quickly when alcohol is in the system.

Fatty foods

Fatty foods like cheese, milk, creams, and condiments like mayonnaise should be avoided. These foods will weaken the metabolism and could lead to blockages, raising blood pressure.