A Fluoroscopy procedure is an imaging method that uses continuous x-ray images to see real-time moving images of a patient’s internal organs through the use of a fluoroscope.

A Fluoroscope is a box or tube that is fitted with a fluorescent material. Fluorescent imaging helps us view certain objects in the body vividly. This is used particularly for the deeper structures within the body or patients who have more difficult anatomy.

Fluoroscopy Atlanta

Here is an example of what a typical Fluoroscope looks like

What is fluoroscopy used for?

In pain management, we use fluoroscopic imaging to help us place needles more accurately than has ever been possible before. In real time, doctors can see where the needles are located within the body with the help of a solution like a contrast to make images clearer.

Historical data shows that without the use of a fluoroscope, there is a much greater chance of injections missing their intended target (somewhere between 30-40%). This has made a fluoroscopy standard procedure for epidural injections.

Aside from epidurals, you will also commonly see fluoroscopy used to assist in a minimally invasive lumbar discectomy, vertebroplasty, and spinal cord stimulators. Though we do not personally perform the procedure, you can also find this technique used frequently in cardiac catheterization and other catheter insertion as needed.

The techniques vary depending on where injections are needed and what body part is being treated. The equipment used always remains the same.

Summing it all up

To sum up what we have explained above, know that we use fluoroscopy for:

  • Locating areas that are causing the body pain
  • Precisely administering medications to treat pain, especially in patients with more difficult anatomy

Fluoroscopy specialists in Atlanta

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